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Traditional Shukokai Karate

The mission of Ichiban Karate Club is to develop a partnership between instructors and students that will enable members to achieve their full potential in the study of karate, and to generally promote the traditional martial art of Karate.

Ichiban Karate will give all students, irrespective of gender, race, religion or ethnicity an equal opportunity to study and perform Karate to the best of their ability and achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

Ichiban karate offers classes at Ichiban on Monday evenings and Saturday Afternoons, with classes to suit families training together as well as separate classes for adults and children of all abilities. 

We teach any from age 4+ 


Find a session to suit you

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Monday u9yrs and Parents 

Ichiban Karate has a proud history of being a family friendly club. This class is aimed at our youngest students and their parents, allowing families and students of all ages to train together.

This session is open to all students under the age of 9 (and parents) below green belt. Students under 9 but above green should attend the 18:00 session. 

Monday 9yrs + Mixed Ages / Blue Belt Above

Our Monday sessions are all about giving parents / adults and juniors an opportunity to train together and learn from one another. 

The 18:00 session is open to students 9yrs and over as well as any students under 9 that are blue belt above. 

Exceptions may be made where parents accompany u9yrs to this session. This is at the discretion of the instructors. 


LITTLE NINJAS & u9yrs (green below) - Saturday's 14:00-15:00

Our little ninja programme is specifically designed by karate and educational professionals to introduce our youngest students, age 4-5 years to karate. The programme aims to develop and improve core motor skills, concentration and listening whilst incorporating karate fundamentals. As students progress they will be able to graduate into the u9yrs class. 

An u9yrs class is run along side the little ninjas class, focusing on developing core karate fundamentals., preparing them for gradings and competition 

Saturday's 9-14yrs / Blue Belt Above


This Saturday session is aimed at our junior students or any students under 9 that are blue belt above. 

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Saturday's Adults (14 yrs +)


Our adult classes offer students age 14yrs+ the opportunity to train together in a session especially designed for young adults and adults. These sessions focus on fitness, traditional karate and self-defence. Suitable for beginners to advanced


These sessions focus on improving student's karate specifically for competition. These sessions are held on a monthly basis, with students from 3 local clubs invited to train. 
Each sport karate session is 3 hours long which includes fitness, kata and kumite.

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Brief background on our karate

Zetsurin karate practices Shukokai karate, but welcomes students from all other styles.  We believe that there is no, 'right style', and openly encouarge our students to explore other martial arts and karate styles.

Shukokai karate  is a style of  karate based on Tani-ha Shitō-ryū, a branch of Shitō-ryū developed by Chōjirō Tani in the late 1940s, and refined by his students, including Yamada Haruyoshi and Kimura Shigeru.

Shukokai, above all, is an education in body mechanics, and students find their ability in other sports improves greatly through this practice. 




Senior Instructor


Sensei Kylie (5th Dan), has over 27 years karate experience. Started her training as a child in South Africa training under Sensei Sandra Low 16 x WKF World Champion and Shihan Chris Thompson, both of whom trained directly under Sensei Kimura.
Kylie moved to the UK for university and has continued her training, starting Zetsurin Leeds with her brother, Sensei Kieron Greeff in 2017.
Kylie has competed in both national and international karate championships.

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