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Ichiban Dojo (Budo Sport Ltd) Privacy Policy


Ichiban collects personal information about you when you sign up as a student or complete an enquiry form. We use this information to send you booking information and occasionally the Ichiban Dojo newsletter. This notice explains more about how we use your personal information.


What information we collect about you

  • How we use your information

  • Cookies

  • Information we may share with other organisations

  • Information processed abroad

  • How long we keep your information

  • Accessing your information and other rights

  • How to object or withdraw consent

  • Changes to our privacy policy

  • How to contact us

  • How to complain

What information we collect about you

We collect information about you when register as a student or voluntarily complete an enquiry form. When you register as a student will collect your name, address, date of birth and health and emergency contact details. If you are a parent registering your child, we will collect your name and address, your child’s name, child’s date of birth and child’s health.

Keep your details up to date by contacting


How we use your information

We collect information about you/your child to process your bookings and send you updates about Ichiban under legitimate interests.

Your/your children’s information is used to ensure you/your child is placed in the correct group for classes, clubs, competitions and camps and for health and safety.

As well as maintaining class attendance records, grading records and contact details for emergency purposes.

Filming and taking photos for coaching purposes and/or to promote on our website, Ichiban and associated club, social media account and in communications.

All film and photos of you/your children will only be published with your consent.

We use MailChimp® to collect your name and contact details. You can update your information using the link provided when you sign up. You can contact us or MailChimp® to edit your data. You can read MailChimp’s privacy policy here.

We use our own bespoke membership system Ichiban Members, to collect your name, contact, medical, payment and booking details. You can update your information by logging into your user account. You can contact us to edit your data.

We also use SportFin to help us measure our impact outcomes and assist our associated clubs in raising sponsorship. Sportfin will collect your name, date of birth and postcode. This data is used to help illustrate to organisations how our activities as a dojo impact the wider community.



Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard internet log information and visitor behaviour information. This information is used to track visitor use of our website. We use the data to help improve the website and your experience.


For more information about cookies visit 


You can also set your browser not to accept cookies and remove cookies from your browser. This is explained at


Information we may share with other organisations

Other than those listed above we will not share your information with any other third parties. In exceptional circumstances we may be asked to share your information with police or other investigators if it would prevent or detect crime or safeguard a person’s wellbeing. Each instance will be judged on its own merit and any sharing of information will be done within the law.


Information processed abroad

We will not send of your information abroad.


How long we keep your information

If you have registered as a student, we will hold this information on our secure database until a period of inactivity reaches 1 year.

If you send an enquiry via email or our online contact forms we will remove data within 1 month of resolving your enquiry.


Accessing your information and other rights

You have the right to see the personal information we hold about you. You can update your preferences at any time to view/amend/delete the information we hold about you on our system. You can also request a copy of any other information we hold by writing to us. If we do hold other information about you, you can ask us to delete it or correct any inaccuracies. We will either make the requested amendments or provide an explanation as to why we are not making changes. Alternatively Ichiban can be contacted at any time to request, update or delete your information at any time.


How to object or withdraw consent

You have the right to object to any of the above uses of your information by contacting us. Please note that in some cases, this may affect our ability to carry out the things we need to do in order for you/your child to take part in karate.


Changes to our privacy policy

We will regularly review our privacy policy and update it if we make changes to our website that you should be aware of. This privacy policy was last updated 06/09/2022


How to contact us

For general enquiries please email us on


How to complain

If you feel that we have let you down in relation to your information rights then please email us on

You can also make complaints directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The ICO is the independent authority upholding information rights for the UK. Their website is and their telephone helpline number is 0303 123 1113.

Privacy Policy

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