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Youth Leadership Qualifications Through Ichiban 

Budo Sport Ltd (Ichiban Dojo) in partnership with Sports Leaders UK have developed a Level One Qualification in Sports Leadership. It is aimed at 12 to 16 year olds and provides information and activities to develop Coaching and Leadership skills.

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About the Qualification

The qualification can be delivered in any club, as the material is adaptable and universally transferable, it can be delivered directly in schools and linked to any sporting activity.


The outcome is a nationally recognised qualification that enables successful learners to assist in leading purposeful and enjoyable sport, under direct supervision and is an excellent foundation leading to the Adult Coach Award system in any sport.


The minimum age is 12 years of age with direct delivery by the tutor of 18 hours learning with additional activity for a total of 29 hours, one hour of which is an observed demonstration of leadership in the candidates chosen sport. A “Learner Evidence Record” is completed and submitted to Sports leaders UK for verification prior to the award of the qualification.


Our tutors have completed a Sports Leaders UK accreditation and orientation course and are approved by them for delivery. Budo Sport Ltd (Ichiban) is already registered as a delivery centre.


Develop Leadership 

The course aims to deliver leadership and coaching skills to students.

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Create Future Coaches

The course aims to develop the sports leaders and coaches of the future

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Develop Knowledge

The course aims to develop knowledge, skills and understanding of the leadership skills and coaching skills required to deliver effective learning within a dojo.

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Deliver a Qualification

The course aims to deliver a qualification recognised nationally adding value to the student

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Topics Include


The importance of skills and behaviours


Identification of own leadership qualities and areas of improvement


Identify a variety of leadership and coaching methods


The principles of teaching and learning and their application


How to improve skill and technique


How the body works


The importance of planning


Duty of care, risk assessments and emergency procedure


Leaders and their Characteristics


The functions roles and responsibilities of the coach


Understanding Communication skills


Understand group dynamics


Practical observation as a coach


The principles of training and exercise


Planning activities and games


Planning your leadership activity

Delivery Model

Initial three days to deliver the theoretical knowledge and develop understanding on Leadership and its relationship to Coaching. (18 hours minimum)

As part of the three days the candidates will be expected to lead at least two activities during practical sessions and complete a range of interactive exercises that will enhance their appreciation of Leadership and Coaching skills.

This will be followed by individual candidate support by the course tutor and review of materials and evidence. The candidate will provide session support within their normal class attendance to their regular Coach. (9 hours).

This will culminate in the delivery of a planned coaching session with a group of their peers. (1 hour).


The candidates will have the confidence to lead and coach and begin the process of integrating the knowledge and understanding they have gained from the course in everyday practice. They are to be utilized as ongoing mentors and Club Leaders within the delivery of Junior and Youth Aikido sessions. The candidates will be awarded the Sports Leaders UK level 1 Leadership Award and that gives them academic validity and encourages them to take further Leadership/ Coaching qualifications.

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