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Martial Arts School Hub Development

Ichiban provides training and accreditation to Sports and PE teachers in schools, helping to engage young people in physical activity, promote self-defense and enhance and develop leadership skills in both staff and young people. 

The course contributes to the delivery of National Curriculum at Key Stage 2, supports the Physical Literacy Framework and contributes to adherence of the Sports Premium Funding Outcomes

Key Stage 2

“Young people should continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways and to link them to make actions and sequences of movement."

Supports Physical Literacy Framework

  • Literacy, Learning and Leadership

  • Exercise, Engagement and Enjoyment

  • Coaching, Competition and Clubs.

Achieves Sports Premium Funding Outcomes

  1. Quality coaching, to improve young people's health

  2. engage youth participation in sport

  3. Increase quality of teacher training in PE

  4. Improve understanding in benefits of PE and physical activity in schools and communities

About The Course

With the rise in youth obesity, the lack of specialist training for dedicated PE staff in Primary Schools and the upturn in national knife crime there is a need to develop mental resilience in young people. All these demands can all be addressed through a structured programme of teaching Martial Sports in Schools. The Ichiban Martial Arts School Development Course is a course that can be delivered to PE and Sports teachers in schools .

The course is  delivered by professional martial artists with education teaching experience. 

The course aims to :

  • Help schools easily meet their curriculum objectives and achieve the four sports premium objectives

  • Promote non-violence and reduce aggressive behaviour especially related to the carrying of weapons, bullying and substance misuse.

  • Promote mental resilience, independence of thinking and responsibility for actions through self-discipline and self-control.

  • Promote healthy living and exercise to reduce obesity and increase physical and mental fitness and welfare.

Course Delivery

The course can be delivered to any teachers in secondary or primary schools within the West Yorkshire region. 

  • The cohort of selected staff will undergo a four-day, intensive training programme leading to a nationally recognised Martial Sports Coach Award through Budo Sport Ltd and this will licence them to teach short courses in Martial Sports within their school environment. This will also entitle them to grade young people up to the level of 5th Kyu (yellow belt).

  • The four days will be totally flexible in delivery and arrangements made to suit participating schools. The days can be arranged on a mix and match basis, during term time, holidays or weekends.

  • However the cost is based on the staff participating on the same days, this is also necessary for the candidates to practise with each other whilst offering best value for money.

  • The training can take place at Budo Sport, Ichiban Dojo, 332a Meanwood Road, Leeds, LS7 3JY, which has all the relevant equipment.

  • Staff will be required to be members of a National Governing Body and annually maintain their licence that will include free access to a weekend training event.

Following successful completion of the course each member of staff will be offered an option to be shadowed by an existing Budo Sport Coach with the first cohort of young people being team taught with aspects of the course being modelled by the Budo Sport staff.

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